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PostSubject: VAN LEON GUIDE   Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:32 pm

This will be the most basic things to know, and some tips to keep in mind.

I will be updating this as we keep doing the run and as we learn new things. So if ya see somethin missing go ahead and tell me.

Before you start, make sure your screen is in 1024 x 768 screen resolution, because your going to want to see his animations, not cause its cool, cause hes so fawking big that if ur on other resolution, you wont see his skill animations like damage reflect.
Also remember your going to die ALOT no matter who the hell you are, so put ur charms and wheels back into cs cause your just going to waste them.

Best Survivability Class Skills:

Shadower - Chakra for healing, SmokeScreen for protection, Meso guard for less damage, Dark Flare for extra damage when hit.

Night Lord - Drain for healing while attacking, Dark Flare for extra damage when hit

Dark Knight - Dragon Wisdom for healing when using dragon skills, HB of course for more hp for everyone =]

Battlemage - Blood Drain for healing while attacking, Conversion for more hp. Party Shield for protection

Aran - Combo Drain for healing while attacking

Bishop - HEAL SPAM LOL~!

Tips for fighting Von Leon:

Summoned Mobs must be Agro'd to ONE person and brought all the way to the right side, if you dont separate him from those summoned mobs, he will gain HP from eatting the golem minions.
So, to get rid of this problem early on, everyone must be attacking him so he can mass summon, THEN when it looks like mass monsters are summoned, someone needs to bring all the mobs to the right side

Then you bring Von Leon to the left side, so hes right there when you come back from death or jail room and away from his minions to healup.

Skills to watch out for :

Damage Reflect : He glows a blue-ish purple colour and have a skill effect on his hand and will have a purple buff on his head, just make sure you stop attacking on time, this is why you need your screen full resolution, so you can see this animation to stop.

Jail : He will send you to a room with chests and you will have to attack the chests to get keys, not all the chests have keys, so its best to have one person stay in the jail room and attack chests for the whole team, probably one of the lower lvl people, or someone a bit laggy and cant fight boss properly. This way for those who get sent in can just loot and get out of jail room right away.
--From what we've seen so far, he doesnt start jailing until after hes under 80% hp

Potion Stop/Lock: you wont be able to use potions for a limited amount of time, this is where classes with healing skills come in handy. That or scream for a bishop to come heal you xD

Teleport : He usually teleports to the side hes facing, so dont look away...or you might just die with a lions foot on ur face.

Potential Item Lock : You will get a sorta white/black scroll effect above ur head, this removed ALL the % items from ur stats as if you only had the base stats of the equipment, total damage killer.

Save The Little Ones : Apparently when van leons minions are low hp, he teleports to them, instantly, we still needa find a way to counter this, but so far, best thing we can do is to have mob party with low lvl equips to not trigger this(dont know if it'll work but we needa try), Then have 2-3 people focus on killing the mini golems, so even if he does go over to the mob side, he cant healup.


Von Leon - LVL 129 - 550m HP - 884k EXP
4K damage max.


This is how it'll usually go for the "rusher/keep the little fawkers away from the big fawker" party.

This is going according to the people who we brought for first practice run.

The purple, pink, and yellow dots would be Tiffy, Gloria, and Anita, attacking every few seconds, to reset the monster agro.

The orange will be Elgar on his Aran since he will have mobbing power for those big mobs that are somewhat out of the mobs that the first 3 are attacking. if any mobs pass Elgar, Q and Myself will be there to bring them back to the mob area, and you already know what dot i am YOU KNOW WHAT IT ISSSSSSSSSS.....anyways....yeah we'll have this setup, this way, me and Q are there for backup and support for if someone dies, i can give them haste as they pass me, and Q can re-HB them.

Also while there will be some mobs that get away from the main pack, me and Q will be killing the mini golems so hopefully he spawns more of the pig things and once there are no mini golems, its GG for us <3

With this, im pretty sure we can hold back the mobs from getting near van leon.


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PostSubject: Re: VAN LEON GUIDE   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:18 pm

Omg this looks fun!
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PostSubject: Re: VAN LEON GUIDE   Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:39 pm

as for Dragon Wisdom, drain is a 5% chance for it to heal. but other wise i'm ready on dark.
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PostSubject: Re: VAN LEON GUIDE   

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