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PostSubject: CWK PQ GUIDE   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:32 am

Requirements :

All people need to be level 90 or above.
You need at least 2 members of each class (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief and Pirate)
The leader of the squad must have 12 Crimson Hearts and 1 Crimsonwood Keystone

There are 6 stages plus the bonus stage, if you dont know what to do READ THIS

STAGE 1 : You'll enter a room, just keep walking right and pressing up, you need to find a hidden portal, the spots might change from time to time so it might not be the same.

STAGE 2 : Sigil Room, in this room, you must use an attacking 3rd job skill to activate the sigil that goes with your job, pirates use 1st job skills, once your jobs sigil is activated you can continue to the portal that will be opened once the other 4 sigils are done. Sigils are letter coded on the image for you.

STAGE 3 : This stage is a sorta jump quest stage, like the previous stage, you must find your respective sigil according to your class, but this time theres jumps and a bigass totem pole that'll raape you if you touch it it will bring you to 10 hp. So remember to pot after taking a hit from the pole. Only one of each job needs to go. Once your sigil is activated, one of each job needs to go all the way up to the end to activate the bottom portal to go to next stage. Sigils are letter coded on the image for you

STAGE 4 : This stage is more annoying than anything in the PQ, its a ton of small platforms that you must jump on to reach your jobs sigil to be activated, the catch is, the spots for each job always changes and there are stirges and fire that sorta knock you forward and back. just remember the direction they hit you in, and jump accordingly.

STAGE 5 : This stage is the main hallway before the 4 bosses. There are 5 rooms, each job gets a room, you cannot enter any other classes room but your own. you must finish the task and obtain an item from the statue inside the rooms and bring them to the big statue in the main hallway.
ARCHER ROOM : Kill all the black guardians (7M HP each) and then talk to the statue and he'll give you the bow.

PIRATE ROOM : Walk through the water to the end of the trails and open the boxes to retreive the gun.

WARRIOR ROOM : Get past the Crimson Guardians and climb you're way to the top. Talk to the statue to retrieve the Sword

THIEF ROOM : Hit all the purple objects using normal attacks. Use DarkSight and Flashjump to move throughout the map. After all objects are “broken”, talk to the statue to retrieve the Claw

MAGE ROOM : Kill all monsters to retrieve the Wand. Teleport is needed as you need to go through walls.

Rooms are letter coded on the image for you

Each of the etc items have a spot you must drop them on top of the statue in the main hallway. Drop them accordingly.


You will enter a map with 4 king thrones on a platform, the mage boss gets spawned here, so be careful.

The reason mage boss is killed first is because it is on the safe platform and is easier to kill off because its alone. and archer is last because its harder to deal with than the other 2 bosses.

While everyone kills the mage boss, the rushers will be pushing the other bosses to the left and right sides of the map.warrior and archer boss are usually grouped together right away while some other rusher pushes the thief boss the other way of them.



Only thing you have to worry about this boss is preist/bishops heal, DO NOT HEAL as it will use zombify making healing take damage instead of heal damage, meaning the heals 300% will do that much damage...insta kill no matter what.


Other than he can jump and attack the people who arent fighting, this guy aint shiet.ezpz kill <3


Ok so the warrior boss, is the third boss the ranged party goes for. But this boss is pretty dangerous. The warrior boss unbuffed only does around 3~3.5K damage. But when buffed can do over 6K. Capable of killing most of the ranged party without HB. It is required usually that a warrior or pirate KBs it to the corner and keeps it there. It can also summon up to 5~10 of the monsters listed above, but they only come in waves. When the warrior is dead it summons ''2 fat ninjas'; Scarlet Phoneix and Azure Ocelot. They can be left for the other parties to be taken care of since they're not a big threat and only have 5M HP each.

Also keep in mind, for bishops, spamm heal and dispell on everyone attacking it, you dont want it to get buffed to do that increased damage on anyone.


This would be the last boss that the ranged will go to. This boss in my opinion is the most annoying boss EVER! It seriously can stun you 10 times in a row, and if your not stunned your sealed or 1/1ed. Other than that it's not that hard of a boss.

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PostSubject: Re: CWK PQ GUIDE   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:31 pm

Q gets credit for being a CWKPQ pro and helping fred shine up his guide

good work. Cool
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PostSubject: Re: CWK PQ GUIDE   Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:30 pm

It helps if the Bishop can help Dispel the Warrior boss when it buffs up Very Happy
I dun like calling out for a quick Dispel when I'm dying of touch damage D:
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PostSubject: Re: CWK PQ GUIDE   

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